Video Planning Guidelines

Determining the Scope & Message of the Project

To ensure a successful process and end product, planning on the front end is vital. Before contacting anyone to start producing a video, answer these questions:

Is a video needed? (ie: Is this something that cannot be conveyed with a image or pdf?) Who is the audience? What is the end goal? What format does the video need to be in? Where will the video live? Will I need any specific people, props, or places? Will there need to be a script? Who else needs to be involved? What is the budget? Is there a call-to-action? What is the vision and format (ie: interview, b-roll, etc.)? When does this video need to be finished by? Where is the video going to be shot? Who will be the main point of contact? How long is the piece going to run?

Share examples of photo or video inspiration, with those involved so they understand your vision.          

Scheduling and Coordination

  • Production – UVA Health System has a list of approved external video vendors. We also have internal videographers that can to shoot and edit video. Budget, desired quality, intended audience and final use should influence production. Be sure to include the production team in the planning. Work with them to determine timing and needed equipment.
  • Talent – Who will be in the video? Scheduling may be difficult, so start early. When scheduling talent, make sure to describe the scope of the project, let them on what to expect, and if they will be scripted or interviewed. Have ALL persons who appear on camera sign a release form.
  • Location – Scouting a location should be done several days before the actual shoot. Obtain all approvals before deciding on a location. Work with your production team to ensure lighting, electricity, noise and area will work. Re-communicate with involved staff/units on a time and date.
  • Deadline – Communicate deadlines to all involved parties prior to shooting. Production companies must allow ample time for editing and reviews. Allow time to reschedule if needed.

Preparation for Shoot & Creating the Storyline

  • Storyboards – Use of storyboard will help to streamline the editing process. Create a storyboard by drawing what will be shown on screen and writing out what is going to be said at the same time.
  • Shot list – Develop a list of ALL shots you hope to get the day of the shoot. Include interviews, a-roll footage, b-roll footage, any still photos or text that will be shown on screen.
  • Script vs. Prompts – If you plan to use a script, let your production team know so they can bring a teleprompter or create cue cards. Ask talent to practice lines. Develop interview questions early.

Conducting the Shoot: What to watch for

All team member ID badges should be showing, clothing is neat and clean, hair in place, etc. Remove all patient identifiers from shots unless you have formal written patient consent via release form. Video equipment should be out of the way of patients and other team members. If shooting in hospital or clinics, be respectful to those around you. Keep noise level to a minimum. Leave ample time before the shoot for set-up and enough time afterwards to break down.


The editing process can be tedious, so before even getting to this stage, make sure whoever is doing the editing understands the scope of the project. This will help them create a storyline and include the appropriate a-roll and b-roll clips where they are supposed to go.

Music Licensing and Copyright Images

Secure rights for all music and images used and provide marketing with copies if it’s for external use. HS library is a great resource for images in public domain and libraries we pay for. iStock photo has music and images available for purchase; print out release with purchase.  


  • Ensure all graphics are spelled correctly, images are current and branding meets HS guidelines.
  • If time allows, walk others through the piece before showing it. Explain your vision and process.
  • Communicate to stakeholders when you will need final feedback in order to meet the deadline.
  • Make sure that all parties involved see the final product and give feedback.

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