Sign Posting Policy

The University of Virginia Medical Center is committed to providing an attractive environment for patients, visitors, and other guests.
Furnishings, artwork, posted notices, and displays of an educational, promotional or informational nature shall be carefully managed
to assure that public areas are appropriate from an aesthetic and functional standpoint. The Administrator of Environment of Care
is responsible for the management of these spaces.

1. Furnishings
The Administrator of Environment of Care shall coordinate all furnishings (furniture, carpet, window treatments, etc.) intended
for public areas. Coordination shall focus on assuring that furnishings meet internal and industry guidelines, state building codes,
and regulatory requirements for the maintenance, quality, infection control, and suitability of the area.

2. Art Work, Graphics, and other Materials Displayed on Walls
a. Approval for displaying artwork, graphics, posters, photographs, and other like items in public areas shall be obtained from the
Administrator of Environment of Care.

b. Health System Physical Plant shall mount all items displayed on Medical Center walls in either public or private space.
c. Tape, thumbtacks, or other means used to attach items to walls, doors, windows, etc., is prohibited.

3. Advertisements, Notices and other Postings
a. The posting of notices, flyers, etc., in public areas should serve a business purpose that supports the operations and services
of the Medical Center and is restricted to bulletin boards designated for this purpose. Bulletin boards shall not be used for commercial
advertisements, or for postings that are obscene or defamatory as those terms are defined by law.
b. Any unauthorized posted or displayed materials shall be removed from public areas without notification. Postings of advertisements,
notices, or other materials
inconsistent with this policy shall be removed.
c. Bulletin boards within a work area or lounge are the responsibility of that department's supervisor or designee.

4. Posting of Information for Sponsored Events
a. Information to help guide patients or guests to the location of a scheduled event/meeting sponsored by the Medical Center shall be
posted in stanchions provided
and managed by the Patient Experience Office. A “Stanchion Request Form” shall be completed and
submitted at least one week prior to the event date.

b. Event/meeting sponsors shall use a standardized template to create a paper insert for each stanchion. The branded template is
available at
Paper signs shall not be posted anywhere in the Medical Center other than
in the stanchions.

c. Each stanchion shall be displayed for the duration of the event. Event/meeting sponsors shall be responsible for the placement
and retrieval of the stanchions.

5. Displays in Public Areas
Limited display space has been designated in the brick link near Primary Care Center entrance. Displays in the Hospital Lobby require
approval in advance by the Administrator
of the Environment of Care in consultation with the Office of the Chief Executive Officer.
Demands for space require a limit of five days per calendar year for each requestor.
Exceptions to this may be granted for displays
promoting institutional events, e.g., benefits programs, employee wellness, etc. Approval shall typically be on a first-come,
basis although the Administrator of Environment of Care may decline any request.

a. A completed “Display of Information Space Request” form shall be faxed to 924-9967 at least two weeks prior to the date for
which space is requested.

b. Sponsors of displays that promote a fund raising event shall adhere to Health System Policy GOV-004 “Solicitations”.
c. Displays shall not disrupt the delivery of services to patients.
d. Displays should serve a business purpose that supports the operations and services of the Medical Center.

6. Displays and postings, regardless of type and location, containing any of the following are prohibited:
• commercial advertisements;
• obscene materials (as defined by current legal standards);
• personal political expression in support or opposition of a political party or candidate;
• material likely to incite imminent lawless activity; and
• material that is defamatory as defined by law.

Medical Center Policy No. 0049 (R)
Approved December 1987
Revised August 1990, September 1993, October 2002, February 2004, December 2006, September 2009, September 2012, December 2018
Reviewed May 1996, November 1999, September 2015
Approved by Chief of Operations

Stanchion Request Form.pdf


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