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Profile Images

The Health System has approved logos and rules around appropriate use. Most social media sites require square avatars. Do not upload the Health System’s logo as your avatar; it will become distorted or cropped.

If you’re not sure what to use for your avatar, the Marketing department has a selection of square avatars and an approved format for clinics.

For your Twitter or Facebook cover photo (the long one that’s at the top and across the page), think about how you can best represent your department or clinic. High-quality, attractive photos of your team or your building/clinic/unit work well.


It’s discourteous and sometimes illegal to publish photos or video of people who have not given you permission to do so.

Health System patients, visitors and employees must sign a UVA Health System consent form. This is especially important with patients. Even if patients’ faces aren’t in the photo, they should still sign. Check with marketing for the latest version of this form.

The only exception is when taking photos at a public event where you will not be identifying people by name. Examples:

  • Several people looking at your booth at Fridays After Five
  • People running in a fundraising event for a department

Regardless, you should still be courteous. Ask permission before taking a close-up, and explain where the photo will go.


In general, if you can’t prove a photo or video is yours, don’t use it!

You can share photos and video if:

  • You took it yourself
  • The owner gave you written permission to share
  • Someone else has shared it on social media and you use the share or re-tweet options
  • You’re sharing a link on Facebook, and there’s a photo from the website that embeds itself in your link


  • Do a Google image search and download what you find
  • Save a photo from someone else’s social media post or website on your hard drive and re-upload it

It doesn’t matter if you credit a source. If you didn’t create it yourself or get explicit permission, you shouldn’t share it. Many online photos are owned by stock photography companies who seek out and pursue copyright violations.

Image Sizes

You don’t have to re-size every image you share on social media. But many sites, especially Facebook, display horizontally-oriented images the best. The more you keep this in mind, the less chance of the image cropping awkwardly.

For more about Facebook image sizes, check out this image guide.

Smartphone videos

If you have an idea for a video promoting your clinical services or a patient story, please reach out to Marketing. We’re happy to work with you. The Health System has its own YouTube channel; please do not start one without guidance from Marketing.

Increasingly, people are shooting video with their smartphones and posting it directly to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine and other social media sites. Video uploaded to your Facebook timeline tends to get more views than sharing a YouTube link. Consider this approach if you want to shoot video with your phone to share a moment from an event, such as a speech or a fundraising race.

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