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Promoting Clinical Trials

Just like any clinical trials materials, all social media accounts, posts and ads must be approved by the UVA Institutional Review Board for Health Sciences Research (IRB). 

If you are creating paid social media ads or a new social media account to promote a clinical trial, this will require approval from IRB and Strategic Relations and Marketing.

If you're creating clinical trials posts for an existing social media account, these need to be approved by IRB. They don't need approval from Strategic Relations and Marketing.

Read more and get submission forms for the IRB advertising approval process.

Additionally, ask yourself:

  • How do these trials fit in with the social media site? Are others using this site to promote their trials? Have they been successful?
  • How will users find our account? Do we have money for Facebook or Twitter ads?
  • Could an already-established UVA social media account promote our trial?
  • Are there existing online support groups or social media accounts where we can reach our audience?
  • Are we creating a new account to promote just one trial or many? If it’s just one, what will we do with the account when the trial ends?
  • Will we share trial results through the account?

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