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Mixage is the font family for all communications. It has been chosen for its compatibility with the UVA Health System logo and its clean, contemporary style. Book or medium weights should be used for headlines, subheads and body copy.

elements typography

  • Use Mixage Medium for web addresses and phone numbers. Mixage Medium can be used for body copy to compensate for the dot gain in newspaper. In these instances, apply a stroke to the font to emphasize a phone number or web address and do not use Mixage Bold.
  • Italic may only be used to reference publications and book titles.
  • Fonts should always be Navy Blue or White in four-color applications.
  • In black and white applications, 100% Black should be substituted for Navy Blue.

The consistent use of this font will help establish typography as a recognizable brand identity element, while reinforcing a unified appearance among communication materials. Verdana may be used as a substitute for Mixage in nondesign programs or applications, such as Microsoft Word® and PowerPoint®. Verdana is the preferred text font for use in office form templates.

Online, Verdana is the only acceptable substitute when creating web pages, banner ads or HTML emails.

As a general rule, the minimum point size for body copy is 10 pt with 14 pt leading. A recommended body copy size for 8.5" x 11" layouts is 10.5 pt with 16 pt leading. When scaling to other size formats, scale the type with the artwork appropriately. Designers should use their discretion to adjust it based on the size of the piece.

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