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For visual consistency among high-visibility design applications, the logo size should be standardized when possible. This simply means that for similar applications the logo should be sized and positioned consistently to maintain a cohesive, family appearance. The logo size is determined by measuring the width of the logo. Sizes less than 1" should be avoided. This is the smallest size recommended for clear logo reproduction. If there is a need for a UVA Health System logo smaller than 1", the simple typeset name, UVA Health System, in Mixage or Verdana font should be used.

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Technical Note:
When inserting the logo into other programs such as Word, PowerPoint or Excel, always make sure that its proportions stay intact. If you select the logo once you have inserted it into the file, right click on the image or choose Format Image. Under size, the horizontal and vertical scale MUST always match, which means there is a locked aspect ratio. You may size the image here or you may also size the image by holding down shift and dragging the bottom right corner of the image. If you do not hold down shift the proportions of the image will be skewed, resulting in an unacceptable logo image.

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