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To ensure optimum legibility and maintain the legal protection of the UVA Health System identity, a minimum clear space surrounding the logo must be maintained. Clear space around the logo allows for instant recognition and makes our materials easy to read and navigate.

elements logo clearspace

* The entity logo format and the staging of the positioning line are the only two instances where typography may appear closer than 1/2X to the logo.

** It is acceptable to use less than 1/2X clear space when space is dictated by other parties or is very restricted. But for consistency purposes, 1/2X should be the standard, which is strived for on all marketing and business tools. The UVA logo should never bleed off of page edges unless being used as a background, textural image.

The clear space is proportional to the logo, and is based on the logo height. The minimum distance of isolation is 1/2X. This area should be clear of typography*, patterns, folds, surface edges** and page trim that would affect the legibility of the logo. The logo may be placed over photography that provides enough contrast and does not affect readability.

It is highly recommended that a more generous "open space" surround the logo, whenever it is possible, within a given design application.

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