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Care must be taken to achieve the right shape and scale for any rounded corner. It is possible for a corner to be too large or too small.

As a starting point, use these guidelines to create a corner radius that is appropriate in scale for an 8.5” x 11” layout. This combination creates a consistent branded look and feel for the radius. For layouts with larger dimensions (e.g., a large poster), the size of the radius will NOT grow in kind. That is to say, a layout that is 100% larger should NOT have a radius with an offset that is 100% larger or it will "feel" too large. When designing larger scale applications, use your discretion and the 8.5” x 11” guideline points to arrive at rounded corners that look similar across the brand.

See the three examples below to help identify the proper size and scale of rounded corners.

elements corner radius size

Note: When an element "floats" over other elements, the radius of the floating element should be the same size as the radius of the channel.

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