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One of the unique aspects of UVA's brand appearance is the positioning of rounded corners on some of our elements. In general, opposite corners of elements and layouts are rounded and no more than two corners on any one element should be rounded. Designers may use their discretion on which corners may be rounded. Follow the instructions below when creating rounded corners in your layout using Adobe InDesign. Corner may also be created in Adobe Illustrator.

Note: A corner radius should be applied only after the element (block, photo, etc.) is drawn to the correct size needed for the layout. Do not adjust the size of the element after the
corner radius has been applied, as it will lead to a warped corner radius.

elements corner radius

With the image/color box selected, select Corner Options under the Object drop down menu. In the Corner Options pop up window, set the shape to the rounded corner option and then set the corner radius size to the corners you wish to round.

The radius of all rounded corners in a layout should be the same. Designers should use their discretion on how big it should be. (See Corner Radius Size for reference).

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