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University of Virginia Health System Brand Standards

Shown here are specifications for reproducing the UVA Health System primary and secondary colors. These colors should appear consistent, regardless of whether they are created for collateral materials, vinyl, film, paint, fabric or embroidery, video, monitor screen, etc. Rich, dense reproduction of the UVA colors is desirable as it communicates professionalism through a consistent and recognizable brand image. Conversely, weak, washed-out color reproduction negatively impacts UVA communications.

Primary Colors

The primary colors for use in UVA Health System communications are the four PMS colors to the right, including Navy Blue (PMS 294), Medium Blue (PMS 646) and Soft Blue (PMS 552). These should be the lead colors used in developing most layouts and designs.

Secondary Colors

Three additional colors are available in the UVA brand palette to broaden the depth and range of the brand color scheme. For example, sometimes the logo can be reversed out of the Navy Blue (PMS 294) using Reversed Blue (PMS 646) instead of white. Two other colors available for use are Cream (PMS 7499) and Khaki (PMS 400). These secondary colors are for solid color accents only not for type.


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