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UVA’s brand is the result of thoughtful planning about how to combine elements — tools, language and graphics, if you will — in such a way that they create a structure and personality unique to UVA Health System. The way these elements work together serves as the brand foundation. While you have already been introduced to the elements in a previous section, the following pages will show how they work together in the two distinct designs available to you: the Solids Foundation and the Channels Foundation.

The Solids Foundation

The Solids Foundation utilizes solid blocks and photo blocks, nonbleed borders and rounded exterior corners. The key distinguishing feature of this foundation is that the elements butt against each other. This is the simpler of the two foundations.

The Channels Foundation

The Channels Foundation is an evolution of the Solids Foundation. It, too, utilizes nonbleed borders. But the feel of the border is incorporated in the layout through channels of white. Because of these channels, solid blocks and photo blocks never touch. In fact, none of the elements in the Channels Foundation touch each other.

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