Pregnancy&Birth: Colors and Fonts

Pregnancy&Birth Colors

Shown here are specifications for reproducing Pregnancy&Birth colors. Only these colors should be used when creating Pregnancy&Birth marketing materials. Do not modify or add any new colors to the approved color palette.

The colors for use in Pregnancy&Birth communications are Pregnancy&Birth Purple, Gray, Blue, and Medium Blue. These should be the lead colors used in developing most layouts and designs.

image showing the uva health system pregnancy and birth brand color palette

Pregnancy&Birth Fonts

Belizio is the approved font family for all Pregnancy&Birth communications. In most cases, bold or medium weights should be used for headlines, while the regular weight is normally used for subheads and body copy. Italic can be used to reference publications and book titles. Type should always be in Pregnancy&Birth Purple, Gray or White in 4-color applications.

The consistent use of Belizio will help establish typography as a recognizable brand identity element, while reinforcing a unified appearance throughout our communication materials.



image of uva health syustem pregnancy and birth headline text in belizio bold font


image of uva health syustem pregnancy and birth subhead text in belizio medium font

Body Copy

image of uva health syustem pregnancy and birth body copy in belizio regular font and belizio regular italic font

Pregnancy&Birth Brand Essentials

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