UVA Health System: Logo Color Options

This is UVA Health System primary logo. It should be used in its preferred color format whenever possible to represent UVA Health System as a whole. The preferred format promotes our brand colors.

Preferred Full-color Logo

The full-color Pantone (PMS), CMYK or RGB logos are preferred. Use Pantone or CMYK for any print use such as collateral or business papers. Use RGB for digital use such as PowerPoint presentations, web or broadcast/video. Color specifications are available here.

image of uva health system preferred full color logo

White Knockout Logo

The white knockout logo is a versatile logo that can be used in both print and digital applications. It is best used on color of adequate contrast or photographic backgrounds where the preferred full-color logo will not work.

image of uva health system white knockout logo

One-color Logos

One-color logos should be used only in white or Black. They can be used in places where the full-color logo might not work, such as on a background of Rotunda Orange, for example, or with more limited printing or application techniques, such as embroidery, screenprinting, grayscale or one-color printing.

One-color Black Logo

image of uva health system one color black logo

white logo 02

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