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UVA Health System Colors

The color palette of UVA Health System is a very important asset of our brand. The primary colors are derived from the University of Virginia brand and feature a combination of orange and blue. They are to be used in all full-color logos and across all communications and applications. The addition of white to the color palette is intentional, as the use of “white space” helps to create a clean, approachable feel.


Each color comes with a corresponding shade. Shades should only be used as an accent to each specific color.

Primary Color Palette

image of uva health system primary color palette

 UVA Tint

The Secondary Colors

Secondary Color Palette

UVA Support

UVA Health System Fonts

The UVA Health System brand utilizes two typefaces: Franklin Gothic and Bodoni.

Franklin Gothic

Franklin Gothic is a simple and versatile sans serif font. This family of fonts is the most flexible family available for use in the UVA Health System brand. All weights and faces are available for use but should be used with discretion where appropriate. Franklin Gothic is the primary typeface for both headlines and body in marketing materials.


Bodoni is a secondary font in the UVAHealth System brand. It is a serif font and is used as a supporting typeface for headlines and call-outs. The typefaces within the Bodoni family are not intended to be used as primary fonts but as accent textual elements in select applications.


Franklin Gothic Heavy and Bodoni Italic are preferred for headlines. Franklin Gothic Heavy and Bodoni Italic can be used in various ways for headlines. Pairing these fonts with Bodoni Book Italic is ideal for subheadlines, for creating contrast and for an intelligent feel. Franklin Gothic Book and Franklin Gothic Book Condensed should be used for body copy and call-outs. As a general rule of thumb, do not make body copy smaller than 10 pts. with 17-pt. leading. Do not make body copy larger than 12 pts. with 20-pt. leading.


Ideal for Headlines

image of headline text in franklin gothic heavy font and bodoni italic font

Ideal for Subheads

image of subheadline text in bodoni book italic font

Ideal for Body Copy

 image of body copy in franklin gothic book font and franklin gothic book condensed font

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