UVA Children's Hospital: Photographic Style

Photography has the ability to add character and build upon our storybook theme. Not only does it provide a point of focus, but it also conveys the happy and “Healthier Ever After” direction of UVA Children’s Hospital.

UVA Children’s Hospital Photography Attributes:

  • Professional premium feel, not dated
  • Soft with rich coloring
  • Friendly, healthy and lively
  • Diverse in age, ethnicity and race
  • Positive, bright and light filled

Images should be soft, bright and airy, engaging and energetic. Imagery that is in a dominant position, such as on a brochure or pocket folder cover, an ad or a trade show graphic is considered a primary image. Primary imagery support the message of the communications piece that it is applied to in order to help tell the story. Cropping should be close enough to the subject to be engaging.

image showing examples of uva childrens hospital photographic style


Happy Faces

Photography should always strive to incorporate laughing or smiling children.

image showing examples of uva childrens hospital photographic style

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